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Based on documented ancient Haitian rituals a toxin extracted from pufferfish known as Tetrodotoxin along with other ingredients was used for zombification of the living. On Game of Thrones however The "Night's King" (aka the main boss man White Walker) resurrects the dead using dark magic, acting as a necromancer. All very interesting and entertaining to say the least. How would you rather be zombified if you had a choice between the two...

Resurrection by White Walker or Ancient Haitian Zombification ritual?

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This The Walking Dead 'Another One Bites The Dust' Music Video Parody From Nerdist is Just Too Awesome Not To Share. It's Probably The Best Thing You'll Watch On The Internet Today.

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It has been confirmed that '28 Centuries later' will follow the release of  the upcoming '28 Months Later' with Danny Boyle directing. The team developing the follow up has stated they wanted to explore  what the world would look like centuries into the future where the virus has wiped out virtually all of humanity. The protagonist will be a direct descendant of "Jim" who was played by Cillian Murphy in the original 28 Days Later. 

The production team has also stated that this article is completely made up and hope everyone has had a great day. In all seriousness we hope you are as excited as we are about the upcoming 28 Months Later.